Google Summer of Code™

Google Summer of Code 2007 Projects Announced

The anxious wait is finally over, and applicants should have received email notifications by now to tell them whether or not they have been successful in this years Google Summer of Code. This year we had 34 applications and were allocated 5 project slots, which we could have populated two to three times over since there were a number of very good applications. Still, decisions are decisions and the 5 we eventually chose are as follows:

Custom Memory Heaps and Object Allocators
Student: Tim Kelsey Mentor: Steve Streeting (sinbad)

High level animation control plugin (including IK support)
Student: Jaroslaw Kochanowicz  (jarek108) Mentor: Paul Cheyrou-lagrèze (tuan kuranes)

Emulating Lesser Hardware Capabilities
Student: Juozas Gaigalas (juozasg) Mentor: Daniel Wickert (haffax)

Advanced Script Compilers
Student: Brian Johnstone (Praetor) Mentor: Andres Carrera (Lioric)

Material Editor
Student: Brian Hudson (Hudson) Mentor: Casey Borders (CaseyB)

Congratulations to all the students that were accepted – but of course now the real work begins 😉 Thanks also to everyone who took the time to apply, we’re sorry we couldn’t accept everyone who put in a good application.

Because we had more volunteer mentors than project assignments, Michael Reimpell (reimpell), Jesús María Alonso Abad (Kencho) and Gregory Junker (xavier) will be around as supporting / backup mentors. And of course, the entire community is encouraged to get involved in the review of the projects as they develop, through our community forums.

I will be setting up a new area in the wiki for the successful projects, and contacting students and mentors later today to let them know about procedures and next steps. Good luck to all our students!


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